A substantial part of the housholds all over the world cannot cover their daily demand in products and services using their salaries. 

It is obvious that the actual global economy does not comply with real human needs.

Fortunatelly there are many ways to break with the full dependence on that global financial system by using alternative systems where products and services can be exchanged. is one of these alternative currency communities.

You simply offer your products or services and get paid in our currency unit. We call our unit "hubbies".

These earned hubbies then can be spent on any product within our community.

As we grow and offer more and more types of products everyday - one day our members can cover a big part (or maybe the entire part) of all needs.

Whether that is food, clothing, educational services, transport, cleaning or babysitting. It all can be done here!

We however ask our members for a CHF 12 yearly fee for privates or CHF 24 for companies. That amount covers the administration and IT services of our site.

That is 1 Swiss franc per month for a private member.

Become a part of our new world and sign up for an account today!