no money no problem

What is it all about
Our community makes it possible to buy and sell any kind of services and products without using money!

How it works:

1. Sell your products or services and get paid in our alternative currency "hubbies".
2. Buy products or services using the previously earned "hubbies".

Join us
The first 200 members get 50 hubbies for free to start with.

The registration costs 12 CHF per year for individuals and 24 CHF per year for companies.

Free memberships
However there are several possibilities to join our network completely free if one of the below is true:

1) You are already a member of another alternative currency network 
2) You are an important player for our network (e.g. food producer, producer of other important daily products that people need to live, etc.)
3) If you are very short with money (e.g.: IV recipient or similar)