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Dakota Free Market

Dakota Free Market (DFM) is intended to provide a place for honest and free people to freely, honestly and openly advertise, sell, buy, and trade their legal products and services without having to contort their ads and jump through hoops to avoid censuring for using words and terms like gun, knife, chicken, butcher, farm fresh eggs, and many more, when all that is intended is to sell their items honestly and legally. 

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Growth by WoM (Word of Mouth)
This site is not designed as a commercial venture and I am not going out of my way to get it ranked high on any search engine; I'm not putting up billboards along any road or highway, nor running spot ads on radio or TV. I'm only telling people about it at my convenience, then letting them do the same. This should result in an "organic" growth that is more "wholesome" and natural. 
Please join me in telling more people about DFM.

Here at DFM we believe participants in a transaction should be allowed to conduct their business in any legal "currency" they choose, be it US Dollars in any form, direct trade or barter, Bitcoin, gold bars, or whatever. So that is left between the buyer and the seller to decide. None of those payment systems are build into our software platform so you will need to work it out between parties yourselves. 

Built in Payment System OPTION:
Dakota does have one interesting (and powerful?) cool feature. It's a Mutual Credit Accounting System that is capable of effectively providing a complete community (users of the system) money system. It is independent of the regular dollar money system, so you don't need dollars to use it. This capability is the reason I chose this platform over others to run this site and service.